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Empowering Families Every
Step of the Way
Empowering Families Every Step of the Way
Microfinancing lending solutions!


Microfinance, particularly through group lending initiatives, has emerged as a powerful tool in fostering financial inclusion and empowerment, especially in underserved communities.

Through offerings like emergency loans, families gain access to crucial funds during unforeseen circumstances, ensuring stability and resilience in times of crisis. Additionally, microfinance institutions extend family welfare loans to address essential needs such as healthcare, education, and housing, bolstering overall well-being and quality of life.


Meet Our Partners

In collaboration with our partners, we deliver impactful sustainability financing solutions, fostering sustainable development and equity worldwide.

Service We Offer


Income Generation Loan

The Income Generation Loan facilitates business ventures and income-boosting initiatives for clients, enabling them to acquire fixed assets and implement supplementary machinery, among other endeavours.


Family Welfare Loan

Family Welfare Loan supports all those activities of our clients to improve their quality of life and they include loans for fulfilling genuine consumption needs, such as purchase of cooking stoves, LPG connections, bicycles, water purifiers, solar lights and meet education requirements of our clients’ children.


Emergency Loan

LFL offers short term emergency loans to its clients to help them address emergencies and short-term cash flow constraints. This timely financial assistance refrains the members from resorting to other informal sources of money, which are very expensive.