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Solar Energy Financing

While we all want to reduce our energy expenses at home and office, Solar energy has proven to be a bliss. With Solar plants make an entry into the market, more and more institutions, homes and complexes have shown immense interest in taking a step further and installing the same on their premises.  While financing can be a tough task considering the high cost of installation, Lord Fincap will provide loans for solar plants at easy terms and low-interest rates. Now, Solar cash purchases and solar leasing are not the only options for the property owners.

M/s Lord Fincap Limited provides solar energy finance to residential & commercial customers. We work together to come up with the best solar energy financing for your needs. With the current State and Federal rebates being offered for solar energy products and green technologies, financing the net cost can make tremendous economic sense.  We provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right across India.Renewable energy is the smart investment looking forward and can provide can provide a huge amount of future savings.

We provide finance ranging from 2 lakhs to 25 lakhs for a period of 6 months to 3 years. Low-interest rates loans are available for home owners interested in financing for energy – saving improvements including low to moderate-income residents.

Here are some eligibility requirements to apply for a residential solar energy loan:-

1. Must be the owner of the home.
2. Must be current on property tax.
3. Must be able to provide proof of income.
4. Must have disposable income each month.
5. Requested financing cannot increase the Net Equity in the property.

Please note: There cannot be any liens on the property.